Gallup Poll: Americans Give High Marks to Private Schools

Americans rate private schools significantly higher than other types of schools, according to a Gallup poll conducted early last month…

Outlook 425

NAEP Art and Music and other topics

Parent Satisfaction Highest in Private Schools

Private school parents are significantly more satisfied with the schools their children attend than are parents from other sectors, including public charter schools and public district schools.

Outlook 421

Parent Satisfaction Highest in Private Schools and other topics


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Millennials Prefer Private Schools

If given the opportunity to select whatever school they could for their child, more millennials would prefer a private school…

Outlook 419

NAEP Science, Millennials Prefer Private Schools and other topics

SAT Scores Differ by Type of School

The average total score on the old SAT for 2016 graduates was 1484 out of a possible 2400. However, scores varied significantly by the type of school students attended, with college-bound seniors in religious and independent schools scoring substantially higher than the national average.

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SAT Results After a Year of Transition and other topics

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Private Schools Boost College Degrees for Black Males, Michigan State Supreme Court and other topics

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