Private schools are wonderful places in which to teach. They offer caring, orderly, safe, and nurturing environments; they emphasize the education of the whole child; they insist on academic excellence; and they treat teachers as professionals, giving them considerable autonomy and independence in matters of instruction. The disciplined environment, rigorous curriculum, caring communities, and high expectations private schools provide make them some of the most effective schools in the country. Teachers in private schools can spend their time doing what they are supposed to be doing: teaching.

A century ago, many parents counted on schools to help rescue their children from the terrible shadow of poverty. Today, a new generation of children needs deliverance from a far more crushing poverty, a poverty of spirit. In an age which sometimes seems so void of basic values, an age where children are coarsened by the media and numbed by nihilism, parents are calling on private schools to help them infuse their children’s lives with purpose and meaning. They desperately want teachers who can enliven the mind as well as the heart; teachers who can call youngsters to a life of service and love; teachers who can not only teach children to read and write, but also to tell right from wrong.

The life of the private school teacher is an extraordinary calling. Are you up to the challenge?

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