Communicating the public purpose of private schools; their effectiveness at producing informed, caring and committed citizens; their role in educating the public at considerable savings to taxpayers; their direct and immediate accountability to parents; and their promotion of the common good.

Information That Matters

Providing lawmakers and policymakers with information on matters of interest and concern to private schools, including school choice, educational excellence and pluralism, school reform, learning technology, tax policy and equitable opportunities for private school students under government programs.

Public Policy

Interacting with Congress, the Administration, the U.S. Department of Education and other government agencies to ensure consideration of the private school perspective.

Providing Direct Connection

Sponsoring meetings to enable representatives of CAPE member organizations to communicate directly with members of Congress and other policymakers.

Building Local Networks

Working with the State CAPE Network to achieve CAPE’s goals at the state and local levels.

Publishing and Publicizing

Publishing Outlook (a monthly newsletter), periodic issue papers, resource documents, news releases and e-mail updates on public policy issues.

One Online Source

Maintaining a website ( for communicating with the general public about private education.