24. If a high school has its seniors take a standardized test other than the ACT and SAT but also has 90 percent or more or its seniors taking some combination of the ACT and SAT, must it submit both sets of scores and must they both meet or exceed the cutoff scores for the program?


23. If a high school has 90 percent or more of its seniors taking some combination of the ACT and SAT, must it submit those scores and must they meet or exceed the cut scores for the program?


22. Should high schools submit PSAT or PLAN results?


21. If a student takes the ACT or SAT multiple times, may a school use the highest scores attained by that student in calculating the class average?

Yes, but contact CAPE on how to provide assessment verification.

20. What if the nationally normed high school test used is the ACT or SAT?

If 90 percent or more of students from the most recent graduating class took the SATs, but not the ACTs,…

19. We are a high school, but ninth grade is the highest grade we test, may we use those scores to qualify for the program?

No. High schools may only use scores for tenth grade or higher to qualify.

18. Does the “top 15 percent” requirement mean that the school has to demonstrate that all student groups in the school score equally well?

No. Schools may use aggregate scores to qualify. However, each student group for whom there are disaggregated data must achieve…

17. May the assessment results reported by the testing company be adjusted to allow for special circumstances (e.g., by excluding the scores of a student who falls asleep during the test and thereby brings the group’s average down)?

No. The only scores that count are those reported by the testing company. The school may not make adjustments to…

16. When reporting test scores in the online application, I am supposed to enter the number and percentage of students alternatively assessed. What is an alternative assessment?

An alternative assessment is an assessment designed for the small number of students with disabilities who are unable to participate…

15. Under what circumstances must a school disaggregate assessment data for certain groups of students?

The school must disaggregate the data for the following groups of students only if the subgroup represents at least 10…