Outlook 453

COVID-19: CDC Issues Guidance for Schools and other topics

Outlook 452

Supreme Court Considers Historic Blaine Amendment Case; Amicus Signed by CAPE is Mentioned and other topics

Outlook 451

President Trump Hosts School Choice Roundtable at White House and other topics

Outlook 450

National Poll: Demand for School Choice Remains High and other topics

Outlook 449

"Miss Virginia" Tells Inspiring Story of Virginia Walden Ford's Fight for Educational Freedom and other topics

Outlook 448

Secretary DeVos Participates in Roundtable with PA CAPE and other topics

CAPE Signs Amicus Brief on Blaine Amendment Case Before the Supreme Court

CAPE has signed an amicus brief arguing that the United States Supreme Court should reverse a decision by the Montana…

Outlook 447

CAPE Submits Comments Opposing New York Substantial Equivalency Proposal and other topics

CAPE Submits Public Comments Opposing New York’s Proposed “Substantial Equivalency” Regulations

This week, CAPE submitted comments to the state of New York opposing the Department of Education’s (NYSED) proposed “substantial equivalency”…

Outlook 446

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