Nebraska passed a significant school choice bill that paves the way for thousands of students to attend private school. The bill, authored by State Senator Lou Ann Linehan, allocates $10 million to provide scholarships to prospective students to attend approved private schools. The bill will be effective this July. 

“It’s a civil rights issue because if your family is stuck in a school district that doesn’t work for you with no way out, that is not what America is supposed to be about,” Linehan said. The bill supersedes an older statute by offering a more direct mechanism for scholarships, in contrast to the earlier tax credit incentives for donations.

Nebraska joins a host of states empowering parents with educational choices, including a private education. Private schools consistently deliver academic excellence with high achievement standards, provide a values-based education that contributes to the development of the whole child, and prepare students for lifelong success through nurturing and secure learning environments.

Unfortunately, opponents of education freedom have already launched a ballot initiative to repeal this law, which would have the effect of reducing Nebraska parents’ ability to choose a private school for their children if they wish. 

If this anti-choice initiative gathers enough signatures, let’s hope Nebraska voters stand with their legislature and governor in supporting education freedom for families.