Poll: Majority of Private School Parents “Very Satisfied”

A new poll from EdChoice shows 57% of private school parents were very satisfied with their child’s schooling experience in February. In comparison, only 35% of district school parents were very satisfied with their child’s school last month — down from 43% in December.
Despite a general dip in confidence across the educational sector, private schools maintain strong parental approval, highlighting their continued commitment to quality education and student success. Read the full survey results here.


Georgia Passes $6,500 ESAs

Georgia’s commitment to educational choice took a dramatic step forward as the General Assembly passed a bill establishing education savings accounts for students at public schools that rank in the bottom quarter of academic achievement. Governor Kemp is expected to sign the measure into law.


Utah School Choice Demand Skyrockets

Utah rapidly responded to the incredible demand for school choice by doubling its investment in the Utah Fits All Scholarship program. Initially earmarked at $40 million, the legislature recognized the urgency of parents’ applications — over 10,617 within 24 hours of opening — and increased funding to $80 million.



NCEA Report: State of Catholic Schools

The National Catholic Educational Association has unveiled the latest edition of its annual data report on the state of Catholic schools. The “United States Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools 2023 – 2024: Annual Statistical Report on Schools, Enrollment, and Staffing” is now available to NCEA members.

Addressing areas such as enrollment trends, the dynamics of school closures and openings, teacher retention, and school choice, the Data Brief serves as a crucial resource for understanding the state of Catholic schools today. Enrollment remains stable, reaffirming the trust parents place in Catholic education’s enduring hallmarks of academic excellence, robust community, and nurturing faith-based environments. Click here For More Information!


Read the full issue.