Louisiana is the latest state to take a significant step in support of education freedom.

The Louisiana legislature recently passed – and the governor signed – Senate Bill 31, establishing the Louisiana Giving All True Opportunity to Rise (LA GATOR) program. This program is a groundbreaking initiative to significantly empower families to choose the optimal educational paths for their children.

The LA GATOR program introduces Education Scholarship Accounts for K-12 students starting in 2025. These accounts allow parents and students across Louisiana to select educational environments that meet their academic needs and match their values.

“The LA Gator Program puts parents in the driver’s seat and gives every child the opportunity for a great education. When parents are committed to the value of their child’s education, government should never get in the way,” said Governor Jeff Landry in praise of the legislation. He commended the hard work of Senator Rick Edmonds and Representative Julie Emerson, among others, for their dedicated efforts in making school choice a reality in Louisiana.

This initiative permits funds to be used for a variety of educational purposes including private school tuition, textbooks, uniforms, and even transportation, ensuring that financial limitations do not hinder a child’s educational opportunities. By enabling money to follow students to schools that meet their unique needs, the LA GATOR scholarships support a personalized education system.

Congratulations to the legislators and advocates in Louisiana for passage of such a significant program, which will benefit an untold number of students and families.