Congratulations to Georgia, the latest state to advance school choice legislation. After years of advocacy, a bill passed both chambers of the legislature and now waits on a likely signature from Governor Brian Kemp.

The Georgia Promise Schools Act empowers families by providing students in low performing schools up to $6,500 to switch to a private school. Under the bill, students can also transfer to another public school or they can homeschool.

The funding prioritizes families with household incomes under 400% of the poverty level. The scholarships will be available starting in the fall of 2025. Program funding is capped at 1% of the state’s education budget, which could mean scholarships for around 21,500 students. If similar programs in Oklahoma, Ohio, and other states are any indication, Georgia should expect that limit to be hit very quickly – likely within the first few weeks of the applications opening.

Unfortunately, the bill has a 10 year sunset provision. Nonetheless, this important legislation, and growing demand across the country for school choice, demonstrates that parents want education options. Private schools have a track record of excellence and education savings accounts are opening doors for more students to attend.

Georgia is giving parents the control to find the best path to a quality education for their children. Choosing the right education for your child should not simply be a matter of buying a home in the right zip code. Well done to the Peach State!