The education landscape in Florida is improving for students, parents, and schools thanks to the state’s expanded school choice program.

Legislation passed in 2023 removed income-eligibility requirements for school vouchers, allocating up to $8,000 per student each year towards tuition at participating private schools.

While the legislation is still under a year old, the first-year results are great. Compared to the previous year, more than 90,000 additional students are enrolled in private schools and education programs through state scholarships. Over 256,000 students enrolled in Florida’s two largest choice programs, an increase of 43% from the previous year.

News outlets have cited private schools looking to expand facilities as wait lists grow. As competition increases among educational institutions, public schools have to adapt and improve to keep pace.

This pivotal policy change demonstrates the state’s commitment to educational pluralism and honoring parents’ choices. By opening doors to various educational avenues – including independent and religious schools – parents are now empowered to choose an academic path that aligns with their deepest held beliefs and that meets the unique needs of their children.

By prioritizing choice, and allowing parents to direct the spending of their tax dollars for education, the Sunshine State has quickly and drastically improved educational opportunities for everyone. Let’s hope more states follow suit.