Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Private Schools

4th Circuit overturns lower court decision that threatened private schools with potentially crushing costs of complying with federal regulations.

CAPE Supports Rubio-Steube Bill

The legislation would protect private schools and other nonprofits from federal regulations that could be imposed as a result of two recent court decisions.

Private School Universe Survey Data Released

The PSS is a biennial data collection of all K-12 private schools across the country. PSS serves as the nation’s primary source of information on U.S. private schools, including the number of private schools, number of teachers, and student enrollment in private schools.

November 2023 CAPE Outlook

Illinois 1st State to End School Choice Program, NY State Tries Heavy-Handed Regulation of Private Schools, Texas Fails on School Choice Again, IJ & EdChoice Announce New Relationship, and More!

Illinois Becomes First State to Kill A Major School Choice Program

Low income families making use of the program left to consider their options.

U.S. Department of Education Releases New Diploma Rule

New regulations concerning diploma validity could be a concern for some private schools.

October 2023 Cape Outlook

Congressional committee holds hearing on school choice. New diploma rule from the Department of Education causes concerns. Private school principals honored by Secretary of Education. And more!

September 2023 CAPE Outlook

North Carolina and Ohio join the list of states with universal school choice. Blue Ribbon awardees announced. And more!

North Carolina Approves Universal School Choice

NC now the 10th state to approve a universal choice program.

EdChoice Study Surveys American Teens

September 27, 2023 A new study by EdChoice contains some interesting findings, including: Less than 60 percent of teens say…