Alabama School Choice Advances

The Creating Hope and Opportunity for Our Students Education (CHOOSE) Act passed the Alabama House Ways and Means Education Committee and now moves to a full vote on the House Floor as early as next week.

The bill would create education savings accounts for every parent for use at private, public, or religious schools. You can read more about the legislation at Yellowhammer.

Arizona ESAs are Working

A new report in Arizona shows education savings accounts are working well in the state. The report showcases how universal ESAs have made private education accessible for families across income levels. Contrary to concerns raised by ESA opponents over “price gouging,” Arizona’s private schools have maintained tuition well below public school per-pupil costs, with ESAs covering nearly the entirety of tuition for most.

Moreover, post-expansion analysis reveals that while accusations of soaring tuition rates have not materialized, it is the costs to taxpayers for public education that have escalated. The typical ESA grant significantly mitigates education expenses for middle-class and lower-income families, allowing over $7,000 annually to be invested in private schooling options. Through ESAs, private education can be a more economical choice for state taxpayers, while broadening the horizons for students by introducing new, high-quality educational alternatives. Read more here.


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