States Assessing Impact of Federal 529 Change

The massive tax reform package that Congress approved last December included a change in 529 college savings accounts to allow…

New Tax Law Affects Private Education

The tax bill that President Trump signed into law December 22 benefits thousands of families with children in religious and…

New Mexico Textbook Battle

The New Mexico Association of Nonpublic Schools (NMANS), a state affiliate of CAPE, is at the center of a battle…

Military Families Support School Choice

America’s military servicemembers are strong supporters of school choice. A report published last month by EdChoice found that military households…

Big Blue Illinois Enacts School Choice Legislation

School choice advocates across the country have been collectively celebrating landmark scholarship tax credit legislation that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner…

Outlook 401

Federal Report Looks at Crime and Safety in Schools and other topics

Study Finds Advantages for Students in Faith-Based Schools

Students in religious schools enjoy a significant academic advantage over their counterparts in traditional public schools and charter schools

Private School Students Give High Marks to Schools

Private school students are nearly twice as likely as students in general to give their schools a grade of "A," according to a national survey released today.

Outlook 359

Elections Bring Shift in Support for School Choice and other topics

Outlook 357

CAPE Joins Brief in Arizona School Choice Case and other topics